It's Friday and as I catch myself browsing through shoe boutiques online, I must confess that I have developed a slight obsession with shoes. Not the kind of obsession you might think of as I'm not running out of storage to put shoes in, however it's a kind of yearning obsession for something that I can't have (for lack of a better term) lol.

Granted you're probably thinking 'get to the point'… Okay basically, I have what I believe to be freakishly small feet, size 2 to be exact, occasionally squeezing in size 1's and sliding into size 3's (dependent on how bad I want the shoe and it doesn't look too ridiculous). Meaning I have always found it difficult to find age appropriate shoes throughout my adult life and as a child I was never the one to trade or borrow friends shoes or vice versa as I would look like a child "wearing mums shoes". 

*flashback to a time in New Look when for "laughs" I decided to try on a pair of heels 3 sizes too big for me that my friend was about to buy haha.*

So after years of hunting I discovered a petite shoe boutique but let me tell you, it's where I go to treat myself every now and again as they are quite pricey but in my case so worth it. 

I'm just sharing this with you guys on my public diary as I want to know if there are other people in my shoes (no pun intended) lol, with cheaper options. Or if your are the opposite to me with bigger feet troubles. Tell me your experiences.