Growing up I always wanted glasses, I saw it as a trend more than anything. I was around 14 years old when my wish came true I guess because now I needed reading glasses. (You know the saying 'be careful what you wish for'). I literally wore them for a few weeks before they occupied a shelf in my room for years, literally.  

Last year I decided to get my eyes tested and buy a new pair of specs and actually wear them, I ordered a pair but never went back to collect them, I guess I forgot, until last week. 

Over the past few months I have been studying for my masters degree and I noticed that I had been straining my eyes more than usual, resulting in discomfort. So I headed down to the nearest opticians. For what I thought was going to be a quick 30 minutes turned into a lengthy 2 hours and some change. 

I ended up having a new eye test done because the one I had done before was almost a year ago to my surprise. (How embarrassing, in my mind it was only a couple months.) I looked through so many glasses, different shapes, sizes and colours. The hardest part was narrowing my collection of specs from 20 to 1. 

I got advised about the RayBan selection in the kids range (Y'all I guess I have a small face, everything was just looking too big lol) I tried on a couple and they fit better. After some discussion with a few of the opticians about deciding which frames I should get whether the really cool orange frame (that I slowly fell in love with) or black frames I ended up going with the sleek black frame as they are more sensible/practical. 

The company I got these from are Vision Express, they have great deals and discounts. Although these are from the kids selection the women's selection are similar just bigger and there is a broader choice.  

I love how the frames look but I did find that they kept sliding down the bridge of my nose when I went back to them they sorted it out with no hassle. 

Now, I'm just getting used to wearing glasses in general because at the moment it feels really weird constantly having something on my face but I will be wearing them, my eyes aren't getting any younger. 

Moral of the story, don't do what I did and not wear your glasses!