August Alsina drops new visual for DRUGS

DATE: 17.1.17
Soon after announcing his upcoming album DRUGS and the titled track of the same name, August Alsina revealed the music video for said song, directed together with Amber Gray.
The video gets underway after August is seen smoking a joint with a bunch of pills laid around. The scene then shifts to a different place, another world, just basically another form of reality for the singer, something of a mystical cold but freeing nature. Could this be the high of the drugs?
August’s outfit for this video is quite outlandish as he dons braids, tribal body paint and a floral shirt. I have to admit when I first saw the video I was quite surprised as everything is very aesthetically different to what we’re used to seeing from his usual R&B thug persona.
In an Instagram video he explained his reasons behind naming the project DRUGS.
… I woke up one day and I realised how addicted to certain ways of living life I was… addicted to chaos, addicted to drama, addicted to confusion…
 He also explains what he’s striving for and how he’s managed to overcome these toxic addictions.
 … Lately for me it’s been about breaking the cycle and really creating a new normal. That new normal is love and I have a newfound addiction. Through love and beautiful women, I’ve been able to find myself, reach higher places within myself…
The album DRUGS will be August’s third installment of projects based on self-reflections and realisations.