Mila J Puts a Remix on Fake Love

DATE: 12.1.17
Mila J has used the start of the year to put her own spin on Drake’s Fake Love.
The last time the singer released any music was last year August when she released Down. However, to start her new year off, she stepped to the mic to add her touch to Drizzy’s latest track Fake Love.
 Mila J provides a females perspective as she finds her unique tempo on this smooth and chilled version of the track. She has fun with with the rhythm of the original hook adding great harmony that showcases her rich vocals.
…Now I’m just thinking how you did me wrong
Fake don’t mix with real, swear I knew all along…
I really enjoy when Mila hops on another artist’s track to add her two cents, it really gives me life and most importantly it shows off her creativity and talent as a musician. One of her last rendition’s I rinsed dry was her remix to Chris Brown’s Loyal… Preach!
Take a listen:
 Also, if you haven’t already check out Mila J 213 ep here.