Are We Rating… Ro James & BJ The Chicago Kid Collaboration Remix?

DATE: 20.2.17
Two R&B boys from the states have joined forces for a collaborative effort.
Since rapper G-Eazy took to the mic to create the remix for Ro James’ Already Knew That, which was released last week, BJ The Chicago Kid has since jumped on the track to add his feel to the song also, he sings:
“…I can tell that she didn’t know it, didn’t know that I had the bomb, baby / Stepped on that bed like a landmine, get yours ‘fore I get mine. It’s kinda like that every time…”
BJ takes control of the second verse of the song and adds his own melodies, rifts and runs. It’s not often we here two male R&B soloist’s on the same track, in fact I actually can’t think of any off the top of my head. Overall it’s a nice remix.
Which version do you prefer, G-Eazy or BJ The Chicago Kid? Let us know @pardonmyblog.
Listen to the track in full below!