Swalla: The Jason Derulo Track That Set Remy Ma Off?

DATE: 26.2.17
Just before we rang in the New Year, Jason Derulo informed us to look out for a new single featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. Now almost two months later, the Caribbean inspired track and lead single taken from his forthcoming album is out.
Boasting a catchy hook: “Shimmy, shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy yaw… Drank, Swa-l-la” and Caribbean sounds I can already tell that this is about to be the next groovy dance floor jam or island beach set up. Swalla is raunchy as can be without being too vulgar and I can imagine DJ’s having it in rotation in the clubs.
Ty Dolla $ign comes through with the second verse about a Cali girl and Nicki Minaj finishes up with the third and final verse. But wait a minute, who is she throwing shots at? “I gave these bitches two years, now your times up / Bless her heart, she throwin’ shots, but every line sucks”. Is the Barbie referencing a particular female rapper maybe? After the events of this weekend, it isn’t too hard to work out the identity of her target.
In a recent interview with Billboard Jason talked briefly on how the collaboration came about he said:
“I never believe in forcing a collaboration… I’m a fan of both of theirs and I thought that they fit the track perfectly. It’s one of those ones that’ll get you up and doing your thing. I feel like it’s gonna stick out on the radio. There’s nothing that sounds like it ”.
As of now there isn’t an official music video but word on the street is that it’s already done so until then check out the official lyric video for Swalla below: