Jamie Foxx & Quvenzhané Wallis star in of remake of Annie (1982)

DATE: 17.12.14
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Jamie Foxx & Quvenzhané Wallis star in of remake of Annie (1982)

Back in January 2013 Quvenzhané Wallis became the youngest Academy Award nominee for her performance in Beast of a Southern Wild at the age of 9. Now 11 years old and on a promo run for her new movie, Quvenzhané Wallis stars alongside Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz in the anticipated remake of 1982’s Annie.
From 1982’s ginger kid to 2014 big Afro, adorable Quvenzhané Wallis takes on the lead role as happy foster kid Annie. Abandoned by her parents who had promised to come back for her. Annie’s life with her mean foster mum Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz) is a hard knock life. However, things turn when New York mayoral candidate, Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx) takes her in as a tactical campaign move. Although Stacks feels that he’s her guardian angel, her sun will come out tomorrow look on life simply
points out that it is indeed the other way around. 
From the release of the trailer, we can look forward to a fresh modern take on the original. It features other recognised actors and actresses such as Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale. 
Produced by Will Smith and Jay Z the remake is definitely finding itself to be bright, fun and hopefully another classic for families. What do you think?

Annie will be arriving to cinemas across the UK 26th December.