Naomie Harris in ‘Southpaw’ – Another Boxing Drama

DATE: 11.3.14
Naomie Harris in ‘Southpaw’ – Another Boxing Drama

British born Naomie Harris notably known for her roles in James Bond’s ‘Sky Fall’ and ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom,’ has joined the cast of new film Southpaw alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. After a few changes in regards to production in front and behind the screen, Harris has signed on for the role that was once for Lupita Nyongo. 
The film directed by Anton Fuqua and written by sons of anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and Eminem (who was apparently set to star in the film before it was handed to Gyllenhaal) focuses on a boxer turned champion. After his title he experiences a tragedy, he must piece things back together to gain the respect of his young daughter before having the determination to make a comeback.
Harris’ role is the social worker who is there to ensure the comeback fighter’s daughter’s security.
A star studded film, some of the other cast members include: Forest Whitaker, Curtis ‘50 cent’ Jackson, Rachel McAdams and Rita Ora. 
Sounds gripping… just kidding! On a serious note though, it’s not exactly a mind blowing storyline, due to all the other boxing dramas it’s already competing with, but let’s wait and see. 
Production is over and Southpaw is set to be released in July.