Oscar Winner Steve McQueen to direct Kanye West’s All Day Music Video

DATE: 19.3.15
WEBSITE: www.houseofback.co.uk
Oscar Winner Steve McQueen to direct Kanye West’s All Day Music Video
Since the Brit Awards, Kanye West has been over here promoting his latest album. He recently took time out of his busy schedule to give a lecture to 350 students at Oxford University. According to The Tab Oxford before students were instructed to turn their phones off before entering the lecture and if they were caught taking photo’s they’d be sent out or Kanye himself would leave the lecture. Well of course some rebels managed to disobey Yeezy’s orders and snap a couple of photo’s anyway for their twitter followers and he was none the wiser. 
For a whole hour Yeezy apparently touched on a wide range of topics including; classism in the fashion industry and being great (a personal favourite of mine, what’s a Kanye speech without it?)
Anyway, it was there that he shared information that Steve McQueen film director of ‘12 Years a Slave’ had just wrapped up directing the visuals for his music video ‘All Day’. “It’s completely different to the Brit Awards” he said commenting on the aesthetics of the video. 
It seems that ever since West presented McQueen with the Breakout Director Award at the Hollywood Film Awards in 2013 for ‘12 Years a Slave’ back in 2013 the two have been planning to work together somehow. McQueen had a lot of nice things to say about West after the awards calling him an “artistic genius”. In addition McQueen also interviewed the ferocious rapper for a lengthy interview with interview magazine last year. (What a difference a year makes). 
Don’t know when the video will be out but I’m sure it won’t be that much of a wait!