New group MiC LOWRY, the boy band Britain’s been waiting for?

DATE: 12.5.15
New group MiC LOWRY, the boy band Britain’s been waiting for?
Have you heard of MiC LOWRY? And are you aware that MiC LOWRY is not just a single person? Well if not I’m here to give you the run down, so let’s get to it. 
MiC LOWRY are a five piece R&B/Soul boy band hailing from Liverpool, the group is made up of Delleile Ankrah, Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones, Michael Welch and Ben Sharples. I first heard of them a few months back on Facebook after watching a YouTube video of them doing a mash-up of ‘All My Love’, ‘How Many Drinks’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ on a staircase, just throwing harmonies everywhere I immediately liked what I heard (watch it here). 
I have since learnt the lads have been busy gaining lots of exposure, touring all over the place and even accompanying Boys 2 Men on their 2014 UK tour. In addition to this their debut EP ‘The Show’ is now available to pre-order and they are also the most recent winners of the 2014 MOBO Unsung competition which means they will be the headline act for the MOBO UnSung Tour that will take place in 6 UK cities: Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London between 11th and 17th May. 
The tickets are £4 and are available from: 
MiC LOWRY also took a trip to BBC 1XTRA with DJ Target where they found out they will be performing at Glastonbury this year! 
Great things happening for them so far, I’ve been saying that the UK has needed a group like this for a while now.
Their song ‘Tuxedo’ which can be found on the EP will be MiC LOWRY’s leading single. (One of my fave’s along with ‘Bad Intentions’) 
Pre-order the EP ‘The Show’ on iTunes. 
Keep up the good work MiC LOWRY!
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