Trey Songz Drops A Visual For Nobody Else But You.

DATE: 20.2.17

Off the heels of the debut of his dating show Tremaine The Playboy, Trey Songzreleased the single Nobody Else But You and is now serving us with the visuals.
The video shows Trigga Trey with a house full of women who are all in hopes of getting his attention. However, it seems he his torn between lust and love as he has a girlfriend. The video cuts between good times with the couple to the current bad times where she’s at home crying as he sings “I don’t want anybody else but you”. As a whole the video is a clear strategic cohort to garner attention for his BachelorFlava of Love, (For The Love of Ray J inspired) television show series of music videos (if that even makes sense).
On top of that, Trey unveiled the album cover for his upcoming album Tremaine,which is due for release on the 24th March, the album will feature the song of topic. You can pre-order here on iTunes.
Are you curious to know what this satire of a series will look like? Episode one has been uploaded to his YouTube channel. Click here to watch.