CeeLo Green Stans for Queen Bey in ‘Jay Z’s Girl’

DATE: 17.2.17
What in the CeeLo Green is going on? If CeeLo showing up to the #GRAMMYAwards a few nights ago dressed in metallic gold from head to toe in a Martian suit wasn’t peculiar, he probably just put the cherry on top with this one.
Now as the viewing public we can probably all agree that CeeLo Green is always a little bit out of the box when it comes to his creativity, whether in music or fashion. But again, I think that we would all agree that he manages to pull it off quite well because he’s CeeLo, the man behind Gnarles Barkley.
 However, I’ve just spent the last five minutes laughing whilst watching his latest music video under the new Gnarly Davidson moniker called Jay Z’s Girl, wondering… what on earth did I just watch? And how did I get there?
Okay so lets break this down, first of all the song is a flip of Rick Springfield’s 80’s song Jessie’s Girl. The video features Little Fun as what appears to be a young CeeLo Green who basically declares his love for Beyoncé throughout the video with all her albums and posters all over his bedroom walls in true stan fashion.
Sorry Jay but I love her too…”
He starts the song with an apology to HOV so you already know it’s going to be madness.
Jay Z is the King and I’m probably his biggest fan, but there’s a feeling inside that I’m sure he’d understand, I’m in love with Bey, and I wanna be her man…”
LOL! So CeeLo is in love with Beyoncé like the rest of the BeyHive, who knew?! What I would do to be a fly on the wall when both Beyoncé and Jay-Z watch this. I’m sure this track will be Marmite to most, you’ll either love it or hate it.
@pardonmyblog and tell us your thoughts, does he take the ‘L’ or nah? If you haven’t stumbled upon it already, watch the video below.
Also take a listen to his two-track project Fuck Me I’m Famous here.