Chiwetel in ‘Z for Zachariah’ What’s it all about?

DATE: 31.1.15
Chiwetel in ‘Z for Zachariah’ What’s it all about? 
BAFTA Award winner Chiwetel Ejifor stars in a new film project called ‘Z for Zachariah’ alongside Chris Pine and Hollywood’s new ‘it’ girl Margot Robbie. 
The new psych thriller follows Ann (Robbie) a girl who is under the impression that she is the only survivor after a devastating nuclear event. Ann eventually learns that she is not alone when scientist, Mr Loomis (Ejifor) finds her farm and they end up developing a relationship.
The film has been premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It is the adaptation of Robert C. O’Brien classic science fiction novel of the same name. 
From an Amazon review, it indicates that Mr Loomis will be the films main protagonist which is very different from other roles that Ejifor has taken on as he usually plays the good guy, with the exception of ‘Serenity’. (Side note: the review does include spoilers so you might want to avoid reading before you watch the film.)
This seems to be looking like a promising year for Ejifor as he has 3 up and coming high profile projects due for release this year. The Martian, The Secret in Their Eyes and Triple Nine.
Z for Zachariah is produced by Material Pictures and Zik Zak filmworks’ and it is directed by Craig Zobel.