Ex Misfit Antonia Thomas leads in UK Thriller “Thea”

DATE: 30.4.15
WEBSITE: www.houseofblack.co.uk
Ex Misfit Antonia Thomas leads in UK Thriller “Thea” 
Former ‘Misfits’ star Antonia Thomas is currently busy filming her lead role on a supernatural London-set thriller called ‘Thea’ alongside Luke Norris and Eileen Davis. 
Direction of the film comes from Nirpal Bhogal (‘Sket and Misfits’) and produced by Uzma Hasan (The Infidel) the film is also co-produced by Gareth Roberts and Jezz Vernon. 
The thriller follows a young couple played by Thomas and Norris whose lives are turned upside down when they experience supernatural evils while struggling with the birth of their first child. A thriller, so obviously some unpleasant scares in this one is to be expected especially considering Paul Hyett from the (‘The Woman in Black’) is the film’s creature designer. 
‘Thea’ is a co-production from Little House Productions and Moli Films and is the first in slate between the two production companies; this was announced earlier in the year. 
It’s good to see young British actors doing their thing and finding projects to suit their craft, without heading straight to the states to fulfil their goals, which we see a lot of. 
‘Thea’ is in production right now, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this thriller in the near future.