London Filmmaker Cecile Emeke’s new Web Series “Flaner” – Race, Gender and much more

DATE: 21.4.15
London Filmmaker Cecile Emeke’s new Web Series “Flaner” – Race, Gender and much more
London based filmmaker, writer and artist Cecile Emeke has been gradually creating a buzz via YouTube with her documentary web series “Strolling”, since the release of her short film “Ackee & Saltfish”. 
“Strolling” is a series of interview questions asked to people from the black community. The format follows one person on a stroll around the streets of London whilst they address topics such as race, gender, and other social and political issues. 
Adding to that web series, Emeke has now taken to the streets of France where she reaches out to the people in a similar way to create a French version of “Strolling” called “Flaner”. Similar to the UK, topics that have been discussed so far in this project are Black French culture, French slavery, sisterhood, emotional labour and much more. 
Both the UK and French versions are a good watch, particularly the French version, which is so far very eye opening, being a black girl in the UK, we already know of the issues that come our way socially and politically and probably more often hear the American point of view. It’s made me realise just how U.S focused we all are, that no matter where you are in the world you’ll know what’s hot and what’s not in the US but almost never the other way around. 
To know more about her projects of “Strolling” and or “Flaner” head over to her YouTube Channel.
In order to keep her project running Emeke Cecile has created a crowdfunding campaign to help raise money, she has said that she’s “determined to keep making content and work that unashamedly and unapologetically focuses on the black experience in all it’s various nuances, especially that of the black female experience”. 
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