New Voices in Black Cinema Festival Premieres 2 Black British Films

DATE: 6.4.15
New Voices in Black Cinema Festival Premieres 2 Black British Films
ActNow's New Voices in Black Cinema Festival is in its fifth annual year and is in New York at BAMCINEMATEK with narrative features, documentaries and shorts that are put out to redefine the black experience in America and internationally. Since the festival started on 26th March it has premiered Black British films such as ‘Gone Too Far’ and ‘Sixteen’ both of which we in Britain are probably familiar with. 
‘Gone Too Far,’ feature film written by Bola Agbaje and directed by Destiny Ekaragha, follows two estranged teenage brothers Yemi and Ikudayisi –(who’s arriving from Nigeria), over the course of a day as they meet for the first time overcoming conflict with one another. For those of you that has watched it will know that the film has various up and coming actors, some of which have been involved in projects with other well known film makers. 
‘Sixteen’ tells a story of a young man called Jumah, living in London. He is a former child soldier from the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and as he is approaching 16 years old, he gets into a situation that forces him to confront his past life, which will allow him to move forward with his new one. 
This project was filmed in 18 days on a small budget, the screenplay of ‘Sixteen’ was chosen from 400 entries in competition for a reading that was performed at the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum back in 2011 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. 
Many of us may have already seen these films but it’s nice to see them getting recognised across the pond to a different audience.